Presentation Matelfe




MATELFE is a company based in Zona Industrial de Baião, lote 17, Campelo, 4640-173 Baião. IT has got company branches in Zona Industrial das Corredouras - Armazém B - 2630-318 Arruda dos Vinhos and in Zona Industrial de Amendoais, lote 2, 8365-231 Tunes-Silves. The company’s capital stock is 1.100.000,00 €, with the NIF(tax identification number) 502613750, Building permit number 30085, registered in the Baião commercial registry office with the number 502613750, carrier of the RePro number 201715, certified by EIC according to NP EN ISO 9001(2000) with the number E/049/2005, being its main activity the electrical installations, within the infrastructures, being registered as an approved installer by EDP with the number 201715, charter number EDP 347/12/DNC-QD from 11/07/2012.

Besides the execution of Works, Matelfe has also got a commercial component in the selling of until 36 KV medium voltage equipment (Transformers, MT frames with isolation SF6), street lighting armours and columns, cabinets and distribution boxes, switchboards and metal monoblocs (with partner O FELIZ SA from Braga) and concrete monoblocs (with partner PREPHOR SA from Palência-Espanha) for transformer stations.. 

In the 2010-2013 quadrennium MATELFE became EDP D supplier in 78 % of the monoblocs consumed by it, having with its own brand, called “MCBA”, achieved ratification within EDP of 87 references for their own account and 164 references to third consumption (Urbanizations). The partnership with EDP D was kept in 2014.

In its activity MATELFE is responsible for the supply, transport and assembly of over 2.500 monoblocs, installed in different locations in the country for the private sector (industries) and EDP, without, to date, any significant complaint about the commercialized product quality being done. Since January 2009 it has got 116 settings approved by EDP, for different MT dealers and transformers operating in Portugal.

In 2013 the company decided to become international, beginning to establish contacts for the creation of business partners, not only focused in Portuguese-speaking countries PALOP (Angola, Mozambique e Cape Verde), but also in countries highly developed in the areas we have value like Morocco, Algeria, Guinea Equatorial, South Africa , Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. Therefore, in that context, the company MATELFE MOZAMBIQUE – Specialized electric installations, LDA, based in Maputo was founded in January 2014.

Business Areas



Besides the commercialization of the products mentioned above MATELFE is an enterprise which has focused its activity in the execution of several electricity infrastructures (highways and motorways), residential and industrial urbanizations, urban requalification, being embracing in the accomplishment of the work, since the connection point in media voltage (till 36 KV) to the application point in low voltage (industry, residential buildings or shopping centres and hotels).We perform the electrical installation in the interior of the buildings (electricity, data, security, TV, Video and sound, and AVAC) such as industrial and commercial facilities, hotels and residential buildings. In what concerns the industrial facilities we offer our clients maintenance solutions, making energy analysis studies using thermography and analysing and recording equipments. In what regards the renewable energies area we are responsible for the erection of several equipments and electrical infrastructures for wind farms and photovoltaic parks, what allows us to provide key solutions whenever we need for this kind of enterprise. Our technical staff have got experience in the airlines construction management and average (till 30 KV) high (60 KV) and very high (400 KV) voltage. Making use of the partnerships established with companies in the same area, we are able to provide quality service in these kinds of works. MATELFE is one of the EDP Distribution qualified contractors, being by it qualified in the following work classes:

LAMT - Construction of MT overhead lines

LSMT - Construction of MT underground lines
TELE - Teleservice and remote control network
PST - Construction of sectioning and processing stations MT/BT 
BT - Low voltage grid
CTGMT - MT Counting teams
CTGBT - BT Counting teams




For MATELFE it is very important to train its employees in order to respond to market needs. Therefore, MATELFE employees have got the following technical skills:

- Security passports; 

- Implementation of MT and BT boxes and unions;

- TET of BT; 

- Cleaning TET of transformer stations;

- Works at a height;

- MT, BTE and BTN counts.


MATELFE has got an Engineering group with a wide experience, allowing it to present the best technical/economical solutions, in all areas of electrical engineering namely:

- Transformer rand sectioning stations;  

- BT, MT and AT overhead lines;

- BT, MT and AT underground lines;

- AT substations;

- Electrical infrastructures of urban and industrial lots;

- Street lighting;

- Renewable energy.